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Real Talk is a social enterprise dedicated to storytelling for mental wellbeing.

Our vision is a society that celebrates authenticity around experiences of mental ill health.

We run storytelling workshops, host intimate storytelling evenings around mental ill health, and are developing a range of community events. We also collaborate with organisations to craft bespoke sessions that, through storytelling, bring an awareness of mental health to the workplace and other environments. 



Do you have a story waiting to be told around an experience of mental ill health? We can help you bring your story to life. We believe every story is gift, and through telling you aren't just helping yourself, you're helping others. Talk to us to take the first steps. 


Do you want to open conversations around mental health? We host safe spaces to listen to real stories from real people and connect over the complexity of being human. We believe compassionate listening is the key to stigma reduction.


Do you desire to foster empathy and empowerment within your workplace or community? We are always keen to collaborate to deliver bespoke workshops, events or trainings. We believe that power of storytelling is a fundamental connector.

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Follow our blog to keep up-to-date will all our latest happenings. We are always looking for contributors, so please get in touch if you're interested.