Real Talk during the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

On May 18th we hosted our third storytelling session as a part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival! There were 4 brave and articulate storytellers, 37 present audience members and loads of meaningful conversations started around mental health.

For those of you who have never been along to a Real Talk event, our format is simple. Each teller gets 10 minutes to share their story. Then we host breakout conversations between audience members around the stories and mental health more widely (that is why everyone is seated cabaret style!) and finally we bridge into an informal Q & A with the speakers and audience.

Overall it was a powerful and moving evening. There was compassion, there was presence and there was honesty. And these things are all integral if we are going to reduce mental health stigma. Check out some of the amazing audience feedback:

"It was very moving, very insightful and extremely inspiring"
"I  was struck by the resolve of the speakers - their bravery in sharing something so personal and risking judgement- yet at the same time clearly drawing strength from the experience. When you're in the dark place, you need your truth respected. This was a great room to be in tonight. If only all rooms had people ready to listen."
"Very impressed with the level of speaking. Very emotional and the speakers were all very clear and brave."

If you're interested in coming along to a future session, we have one coming up in July! Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels or join our newsletter~

Lily Asch