3 Things I’ve Learned at Real Talk

Let me quickly introduce myself. I’m Rachel, a third-year business management student at Edinburgh Napier University and I’m currently undertaking a 20 week work placement with Real Talk. I love cats, punk music, cosy jumpers and cups of tea. 

1.       Storytelling is awesome.

I applied to work with Real Talk because of its meaningful mission to empower individuals and end the stigma surrounding mental health through conversation and authentic stories. However, the art of storytelling wasn’t really something I knew much about. Of course, I’ve read books (Memoirs of a Geisha being my most recent favourite) and poems, but I wasn’t aware of storytelling as a performing art.

I recently attended one of Real Talk’s storytelling workshops and the storytelling evening itself. It was incredibly empowering to watch four brave individuals who had never done this before, share their stories at a professional standard after only two training workshops. I found myself feeling jealous of their ability to express themselves so confidently. Each story was so different, thought-provoking and powerful. I guarantee each member of the audience could relate to something said, I know I did.

A gift from one the amazing speakers. Thank you Karen x

A gift from one the amazing speakers. Thank you Karen x

2.      Marketing is mind boggling.

My role at Real Talk is ‘Marketing and Business Development’. To some of you this title may look like four dull words, and I’m sure if I went into detail, you’d still think it was boring. However, despite my own doubts about why I chose Business Management as a degree, this placement at Real Talk has reminded me of why I did. Lily and I are working hard to boost all of our marketing efforts and make our social media much more engaging for you. But you guys are really hard to figure out because you’re all so different! That reminds me, I made a form for you to tell us what content you want us to share. Perhaps you wrote a story or a poem, or maybe you came across a really interesting article about mental health that you think could help others. You can submit your ideas here.

A piece of content that you guys really enjoyed and engaged with.

A piece of content that you guys really enjoyed and engaged with.

3.       I’m smarter than I think.

Self-confidence is really hard to find sometimes. I’ve even been sitting on the idea of writing this blog for a while because I wasn’t sure if my words were worthy of your attention and space. At the beginning, I was a little doubtful of my work and I was often asking Lily, “Is this okay?” or “Should I share this now? What time do you think I should share it?”. However, Lily really encouraged me to take the reins and believe in my work. Now, I’m really helping boost our social media outreach and I’m creating some helpful work for the development of Real Talk. I’ve found that my increased confidence has allowed creativity and new ideas to grow inside me.


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Lily Asch