Life and Soul of the Party - Connections and Reflections

At our most recent storytelling for wellbeing event, one of our speakers shared a selection of stories and poems he had written surround mental health. This event took place during the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival which held the theme of ‘Connection’ this year. Tony wrote shared a poem he wrote surrounding this theme of connection and we thought it was so beautiful that we wanted to share it with everyone!

I long to be where the good times are, I want to be close to it, I don’t want to be far. I would like a good natter as conversations flow freely and people have nice chatter. You don’t have to be the best conversationalist in the world, you don’t have to be perfect as it doesn’t matter. I love it when people talk to each other, and treat each other like a sister or a brother. Communications is the key to success this wisdom I wish to address. I wouldn’t want to take anything away from it, demean it any less. The joy, the happiness, the pleasure of laughter, people having fun, making a fool of themselves, not taking themselves too seriously, as they are delirious and get dafter. Positive interactions and engaging in light talk, you can even go for a gentle walk. Your intentions are genuine and true, you want to have a good time, as you genuinely sought. You are a friendly human being, as you are open and tell people how you are feeling. Because seeing is truly believing. You are open to new experiences, new challenges as you are flexible and adapt and receiving. You are on the winning streak, as good experiences you seek. You have left and inspiring impression of good vibes and smiles in equal succession. You influence people and encourage them to be themselves. There’s still plenty of life and spirit in you, you’re not ready for the shelf! Your soul and essence are rich and abundant in wealth.

Written by Tony

Lily Asch